QSL cards start to arrive

While away on vacation I filled out many, many QSL cards. I have a large stack to give to our local QSL manager to send off for all “DX” stations that don’t have a local QSL manager.

I filled out many QSL cards for US based (42 cent stamp) contacts. Some were in Hawaii, some were US special event contacts and some were US addresses for QSL managers handling DX stations. I mailed them while on vacation in NC and the day I got home 2 were already waiting. Every day since I’ve been home 2 or 3 cards have been waiting. My daughter usually calls me and asks if she can open them. I’ve also received 2 certificates as QSLs related to special events.

The vast majority of the cards are very nice to look. The only 2 completely generic ones are from 2 Hawaii contest stations. I’m sure they have thousands of cards to send out each year so cost is a big factor. The local QSL managers have so far done a great job in replying and sending out QSL cards.

No complaints and I (and one of my daughters) look forward to see what will continue to come in. In 2 weeks, if not sooner, I’ll deliver a good 2″ stack of cards to get sent off for processing by the bureau. It’ll be months before I see any reply back on those.

Another fun aspect to the hobby.

73 – K2DSL

One thought on “QSL cards start to arrive

  1. Dave,
    I’ll never forget the first QSL card I got in the mail from Minnesota. It was just THREE DAYS after my first contact on PSK from the home QTH. I had to scramble to design my own “QSL card”. The design was modified to reflected my memberships in the ARLHS and the PODXS

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