Short Ohio QSO Party

Last night after getting home from dinner I popped on and made 22 contacts with stations in Ohio as part of their Ohio QSO Party. All contacts were on 40m and 80m. I missed out on the NJ QSO party since I was away on vacation. They are short and fun with the out of state stations only able to log stations within the state that is having the QSO party.

I didn’t fire up N1MM to do the logging which turned out to be a hassle because getting data into N1MM from outside is always a hassle.  I logged the contacts in Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) which is fine for this type of contest but creating a Cabrillo file is a pain in HRD while easy in N1MM. But getting into N1MM from HRD isn’t easy, which I think, is caused by HRD’s export to ADIF that doesn’t match what N1MM wants on its import, specifically for the Exchange info. I need to use N1MM even if I don’t think I’ll do a lot of contacts since it just ends up being less of a hassle to create the log files needed to provide to the contest team.

Got a mention in N8OIF’s Blog where Ned is discussing some digital modes and a lot of his equipment matches what I have. Ned posts some interesting topics so add him to your list of blogs/RSS feeds to follow.

73, K2DSL

1 thought on “Short Ohio QSO Party

  1. David,

    If you’re able, jump on again this weekend for the 2011 OhQP. T minus 11 hours 10 minutes.

    Incidentally, the previous commenter [from 2009] provided an erroneous website [purposefully]. The real OhQP site is

    It’s crazy that we work so many of the same contests / qso parties, yet I don’t think we’ve worked each other. Or, maybe we did in the past month and I just don’t remember. At any rate, would be good to get you in the log.


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