My [almost] first bureau card

I’ve sent a bunch of cards out via the bureau since I’ve started on HF over this past summer. A bunch means a couple hundred. It can take months to years to get a card back, if you get one at all. Well in the middle of December I received an envelope from the NJDX Association which handles the 2nd call district. My first bureau card, or so I thought. I opened it up and looked at the front and it was from LZ1250 in Bulgaria. I turned it over and noticed the mode is CW. I don’t do CW yet. I then looked at the date and it’s from March. Well, I wasn’t on HF in March yet. I looked at the year and it’s 2003. Well, that’s about 4 years before I was licensed. Definitely not me!

Now I don’t think that K2DSL was previously assigned to anyone so my best guess is that LZ1250 copied the wrong call sign down when the contact was made on 10.1 MHz (30 meters).  At least it’s an interesting card. If you have a call sign similar to mine and had a contact with LZ1250 (special callsign used for one month in March 2003), send me the details of the QSO and if it’s close enough, I’ll send you the card.

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[Edit: Removed the space between NJ DX to make it NJDX]

One thought on “My [almost] first bureau card

  1. LZ1250 is probably a swl card. I suspect he may have blown the call of K2DSV.

    BTW, It’s North Jersey DX Association, no NJ DX Association.

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