1 day – 3 contests

Contest 1:
Started out Saturday morning with 9 QSOs for the Hungarian DX Contest all on 20m.

Contest 2:
I then headed over to K2AMI’s house which is acting as a club station with the call of K2BAR and for the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes. I put in a few hours there and when I left there were about 100 entries in the log. I don’t think we caught any exciting openings and most contacts were in Vermont to Maryland and no farther west then Pennsylvania. We heard a Virginia station but he QSY’ed or the opening was gone before we could call him. The contest continues through tonight but I need to do things with the family today.

Contest 3:
When I got home last night I jumped on (mostly 80m with one 40m contact to Puerto Rico) for the North America QSO Party. The NAQP has a nice exchange – name and state/province/country. I didn’t call CQ but I S&P’ed for a couple hours and made 51 contacts before calling it an early night.

Again, when I’ve made many contacts with contest ops via RTTY, it is nice when I send my call and they come back back with “Now that’s a familiar call” and have a quick chat before moving on.

My logbook currently shows a total of 4,023 entries.


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