Testing the new Ham Radio Deluxe logbook

I was invited in to check out the next version of HB9DRV’s Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) logging program. I spent a bunch of time with it so far and posted a bunch of comments and issues I’ve run into. I think it will be a terrific upgrade when he releases this major update to his fantastic logging program.


2 thoughts on “Testing the new Ham Radio Deluxe logbook

  1. Glad you could get the little ole 2000 on FSK and enjoy the rtty contest. My logger program took a dump on me after only 5 Qs. I was PO’d anyway does the new logger 2009 have any facility for telenet connection so we can use stateside clusters? If so does it also allow rig control clicking to change to the hi lited station? sure hope so the old HRD was a dog in this area had to use a 2nd logging program for contests.. 73 CU Larry

  2. Larry,

    Thanks for posting a comment.

    The new Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook is still under development and I think it will be a couple months before it is complete. The author is adding a lot of functionality to it. At this point, there’s nothing relevant to contesting to view so I can’t comment yet. I can say that I don’t know if it will be able to compete with programs like N1MM that are geared strictly for contesting and HRD might be relegated to casual contesters. At this point doing any contesting in the current logbook is futile so I switched to N1MM quickly on, as generating accurate log files for submission from HRD is way too much work.

    Also there are so many contests with so many rules that I think it would be hard for the HRD author to keep up, unless he creates a way to externally address it and others, such as ourselves, have the ability to define the rules of the contest that the program needs to follow. So I wouldn’t hold my breathe for HRD and serious contests. Even with that said, after a contest, I create an ADIF file from N1MM and import it into Ham Radio Deluxe as all my contacts are in HRD.

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