Monthly Archives: March 2009

Some new DXCC confirmations

In the past few days I received some LoTW confirmations for the United Nations contacts I made with 4U1UN. That brings my confirmed DXCC count on LoTW to 99.

Today in the mail, I received 5 new direct QSL card responses back. Two of them are the first QSLs for some unconfirmed DXCCs. The first is a card from 7Q7HB from Malawi, Africa.  I had a 20m RTTY contact back in the middle of February with Harry and I’m really glad to the this DXCC confirmed. The other new one is from EL2DX and the American Embassy at Monrovia, Liberia. Thank you James for the CW QSO and for sending the QSL card back so quickly.

With the quick turnaround of these 2 new confirmations, I stand at 99 via LoTW and16 more via paper QSL cards for a total of 115 confirmed DXCCs.

I also need to write up the post for this past weekends CQ WPX SSB contest. A lot of work, but a lot of fun!


British Virgin Islands Confirmed & Nigeria Logged

In today’s mail there were 3 QSL cards. One was a very nice card from VP2VVA which was operating from the British Virgin Islands, giving me a new confirmed DXCC. The contact was on 20m CW during the recent ARRL DX CW contest. It also happens to be my only contact from that entity so it is nice to get such a quick confirmation. That puts me at 98 confirmed DXCCs via LoTW and 14 additional via paper QSL cards for 112 confirmed DXCCs.

Yesterday I was also able to get in the log a 40m CW contact with 5N/LZ1QK in Nigeria. That’s my only contact so far with Ngeria so I wrote out a QSL card to send via the bureau.



This past weekend was the BARTG RTTY contest. I knew I couldn’t participate on Sunday due to some other obligations, but I wanted to make a lot of contacts while I was able to get on.

I was able to get on Friday night for a few hours, most of Saturday and then the final 2 hours on Sunday evening. I did a lot of S&P but I also felt comfortable going into run mode a few times. At least with this contest I was able to find decent frequencies to get that going.  If I could have gotten a couple more hours on 20m on Sunday I might have been able to get some more DX multiplers.   If nothing much changes from what is on 3830, I did pretty good in the SOAB LP division. We’ll have to see what the final results show.

        Band    QSOs    Pts   Cty  Sec   Cnt
         3.5      61      61    7   11    3
           7     128     128    9   16    0
          14     126     126   29   13    3
       Total     315     315   45   40    6

            Score : 160,650

Besides the BARTG, I made 5 SSB contacts in the ND QSO Party, 5 contacts (2 CW & 3 SSB) in the OK QSO Party, 6 SSB contacts in the VA QSO Party and 25 contacts (14 CW & 11 SSB) in the Russian DX.


St Lucia now confirmed

Today in the mail I received a QSL card direct from J69DS (Frans). This is a QSL for the only contact I’ve had with St Lucia in the Caribbean which occurred back in October on 40m RTTY, so it’s nice to have this new one confirmed. Current DXC count is 98 via LoTW and 13 additional via QSL cards for a total of 111 confirmed DXCCs.  I still have 29 DXCCs logged but not yet confirmed via LoTW or printed QSL cards.



Trinidad now confirmed

Thanks to 9Z4AM (Anthony) I received a postal QSL card direct, allowing me to now mark Trinidad and Tobago confirmed. That gives me 98 via LoTW and 12 additional confirmations via paper QSL cards.

A weekend of many contests

This weekend there are 5 contests I’ve made a contact in. The primary one I’m participating in is the BARTG RTTY contest. It goes from my Fri night thru Sun night. I’ve made 265 Q’s in that contest so far but I’m not sure I’ll be able to operate at all today because of other commitments.

I also made contacts in the ND and OK QSO parties which already ended. The Russian DX party ended this morning and I made a few Q’s in that one. The VA QSO party runs through tonight.

I use N1MM for logging and it is unfortunately a real pain to switch contests quickly. At least it is for me and I might not know some trick to make it quicker/easier or not necessary at all. I’ll have to investigate that. This weekend was particularly rough because all the contests were active at the same time and all but the RTTY contest were pretty intermixed both in CW and SSB so you never knew which contest they were in until you were on their frequency.


2008 WAEDC RTTY Contest Results

Got the official results from the 2008 Worked All Europe RTTY contest which took place in November. They send a great amount of information with the results that show what was logged which was in error/rejected and why. I had a 1.48% reduction due to errors associated with logging a call or QTC. If I recall, I think it’s real hard to tell if a received QTC is in error or not as you only receive it once from the other station and don’t really have anything to compare it against.

The results show that K2DSL, with 412 QSOs, 187 QTCs, 288 multipliers reaching 172,512 points for the SINGLE-OP LOW division finished:
#11 in United States,
#2 in Call Area K2,
#36 in World Outside Europe and
#18 in North America.

With my understanding of QTCs now (didn’t know much about them when I did this contest), obviously it would have helped me immensely to send/receive them much more then I did which would have probably increased my score by 50-75% and could have gotten me #1 in my call area. Something to concentrate on for this contest next year.

It really is an impressive amount of work the contest managers need to go through in processing all this and it’s nice to get back such detailed info, so my hat is off to the WAE Contest Committee!


More confirmed DXCCs

Yesterday on LoTW I received a QSL confirmation for Saint Kitts and Nevis as well as my only contact on Malta. Both these contacts were in the past 3 days and already confirmed. St Kitts was with V4/G4FAL on CW and the Malta QSO with 9H1SP was made on RTTY and confirmed within about 1 hour. I already have a paper SQL out direct to 9H1SP as well.

My LoTW confirmed DXCC count is now at 98 of which 95 are confirmed on 20m.


Barbados QSL and Triple Play Award

In the mail today I got a QSL card from KC2Q in NJ  who was 8P9MD in Barbados. This is my first QSL for Barbados. Brings my QSL count to 96 via LoTW and 11 via paper QSL for a total of 107 DXCCs.

I’ve also started to seek out contacts I can add to this years ARRL Triple Play Award (TPA). You need 150 total Q’s made in 2009 confirmed via LoTW for each state in 3 modes – CW, phone and RTTY. I have most already in RTTY and many also confirmed via phone and now I’m working on the CW Q’s and the ones I stil need on RTTY and phone. There’s a great web page at where folks go to hook up for contacts. It’s amazing how friendly and helpful all the ops are in moving around and trying to accomodate everyone’s requests. What a great bunch of hams! Just this morning W5IF (Howard in Oklahoma) made a 20m CW and voice contact with me  – thanks Howard!


Australia confirmed via LoTW

Just saw that today my SSB contact with Australia

was uploaded today by VK7ZE. That makes it a new LoTW confirmation for me and gets me to 96. I previously had a digital contact with a VK station that I had a QSL card as it was my first VK contact of any kind but this is my first on LoTW. I have also sent out a direct QSL card to VK7ZE and he probably doesn’t even have it yet. Just a few more and I can do a DXCC solely based on LoTW confirmations.