SP DX RTTY and Florida QSO Party

I wasn’t dedicated to contesting this weekend and did a bunch of other things, but I did participate in 2.1 contests this weekend. There was a 1 day RTTY contest and a 2 session Florida QSO Party that spanned Sat and Sun. The 0.1 contest was I logged 2 Nebraska QSO Party ops as I was tuning around the FL QSO Party.

The SP DX RTTY contest summary is as follows:

        Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   Sec   Cnt
         3.5       7      41    5    1    0
           7      34     137    9    2    0
          14      29     245   12    7    4
       Total      70     423   26   10    4

            Score : 60,912

The Florida QSO Party summary is as follows. I saw a note on one of the mailing lists that the score might need to be doubled when running low power. I’m ready to head off for the night so I’m not sure if N1MM calculated correctly or it’s really 2x what I have below.

        Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
           7  LSB      9      18    0
          14  CW      60     240   36
          14  USB     41      82   22
       Total  Both   110     340   58
           Score : 19,720

I didn’t notice anything exotic about the contacts other then another Turkey contact in the SP DX RTTY contest. And some of the FL ops that were moving between counties were just phenomenal with how many counties they hit and how good they are with CW.

Interesting that there were multiple times where FL stations were so on top of each other it was as if they were on the exact same frequency, which they might have been. They probably couldn’t hear each other on 20m but it must have been confusing when people were calling them.

I also logged 4M5M which is a special event station in Venezuela for International Marconi Day. Odd way to QSL though which I hadn’t seen before. I sent to a US station but need to include $$ for return postage because it’s coming back from Venezuela. Just happens to be the first time I’ve seen any QSL work like that.


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