CQ WPX CW Contest Summary

This past weekend I was able to operate in the 2009 CQ WPX CW Contest. I again used the computer to assist in the decoding and sending of morse code.  For the contest I was able to make a total of 409 contacts. Those contacts cover 25 of the 40 CQ zones and 67 unique DXCC entities. I was able to log one new DXCC which is Jersey, an island located just off the north east coast of France.

I was also able to log 2 New Zealand stations which were coming in nice and loud and came back to my the first time I put my call out to each.  I also logged 4 Japan stations.

        Band    QSOs    Pts  WPX
         3.5       3      3    0
           7      81     223   39
          14     284     569  232
          21      41      65   15
       Total     409     860  286

            Score : 245,960