K2DSL’s first year on HF – Part 4

Adding to recent posts on my first year of HF contacts, this post will look at QSL information.  I use LoTW (Logbook of The World) and eQSL along with paper QSL cards sent/received either direct or via the bureau.

All 7,500 contacts have been uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. I have received 3,720 QSL confirmations on LoTW and 1,920 QSL confirmations on eQSL.

I have sent 760 QSL cards either direct or via the bureau and received 192 QSL cards. I don’t track QSL cards sent direct or via the bureau but it is worth noting that the majority of direct QSL cards have received responses. Most of the QSL cards sent were via the bureau and it isn’t abnormal to take more then 1 year to receive QSL cards back, so the low number so far is to be expected. I’ve received less then a dozen back via the bureau but they are now starting to come in and I expect much more in the coming year.

Looking across all the various QSL methods, of the 7,500 contacts made, 4,337 have been confirmed which is over 57% QSLed.

Looking at QSL numbers and percent by mode:

Mode # QSLs % QSLs
RTTY 2917 69%
SSB 955 43%
CW 372 39%
PSK31 54 72%
PSK125 38 79%
SSTV 1 100%

You can see that digital mode ops (RTTY and PSK) are much more likely to QSL electronically then SSB and CW ops.

I’ll probably wrap up in the next post with the final group of stats.