Ham Radio Videos on the web

To kill time on my commute, I take ham radio videos and convert them for my Blackberry. The software I use is Any Video Converter free version. I put on earphones and listen to the videos on my train rides in/out of the city.

The places I’m aware of for ham radio videos are the following, but I’d really be interested if there are other sites that have videos I could view.



K7AGE on YouTube or any YouTube video converted or direct on my Blackberry

There’s also videos to view at Ham Radio Tube but the site isn’t Blackberry friendly like YouTube though viewing on a computer is fine. You can download the original videos as a FLV (Flash Video) file on to your computer and then convert it using the above mentioned software


One thought on “Ham Radio Videos on the web

  1. Hi David,

    While not video, there are many very good audio only amateur radio podcasts available to help pass the time on commutes.

    Podcasts like Resonate Frequency, Soldersmoke, Linux in the Ham Shack, ICQ Podcast, Ham Radio Podclass, QSO, This week in amateur radio, Amateur Radio Newsline and of course my favorite…The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast.

    Yes, I host the Practical Amateur Radio Podcast. You can find links to all the audio podcasts I mentioned above at http://myamateurradio.com

    Thank you,

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