Phone friendly ham radio web sites

I have a Blackberry and have bookmarked a few ham radio related web sites on it. Some are specifically phone friendly and others are acceptable when viewed on the phones web browser. Below is my list – do you have others on your phone you’d recommend? If so, post them as a comment.

Callsign Lookup

– I developed this phone friendly version of QRZ info and a static Google map

APRS Location – Using FindU’s site, just edit the link and add your own APRS identifier

DX Cluster – Mobile version of DX Cluster spots

ARRL LoTW – Though very not phone friendly, it allows me to view the latest QSLs that have come in.  I default to the DXCC Award QSL view and if I need to log in, it takes me there after logging in.

Let me know what sites you have bookmarked on your phone. I don’t have an iPhone/iTouch so if they are specific to those devices, I couldn’t use them. The ones above should work for any browser enabled phone.


2 thoughts on “Phone friendly ham radio web sites

  1. While not a general use site, my blog should detect a mobile browser and render the pages accordingly. It seems to work well on my own Blackberry and I’d love to see more ham radio blogs adapt in a similar fashion.

    Sometimes on the road the Blackberry is all I have to view the Web.

    73 de Jeff

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