E21YDP LoTW QSL – Thailand confirmed

I made a RTTY contact with E21YDP in last weekends JARTS RTTY contest. I checked after the contest and it appeared that Dej hadn’t ever uploaded any contacts to LoTW so I sent him a QSL card direct and a couple green stamps for return postage. I looked tonight after making some CQ WW SSB contacts and he must have uploaded his logs as it shows ThailandĀ  confirmedĀ  in LoTW for a new DXCC for me. A good start to the weekend!


2 thoughts on “E21YDP LoTW QSL – Thailand confirmed

  1. Hi David,

    worked E21YDP on 15m this weekend in the WAE RTTY Contest and found he confirmed another RTTY QSO on 20m via LoTW. LoTW is a really very convenient way to QSL and I am happy that more and more HAMs use it.

    73, Michael

  2. I received my paper QSL card from E21YDP direct via postal mail yesterday. I added it to my collection. Thanks Dej for sending the paper QSL card so quickly!

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