8R1PY Guyana DXpedition Contact

After watching a movie on TV I turned on the radio and noticed the DXpedition team in Guyana South America was active on 40m and I could hear them fine. The operator was calling by the numbers and had just moved to 3’s so I had a bit of a wait. I looked at some spots and noticed a strong Brazil station PR7DZ coming in also on 40m and that was an easy contact.I also listed on 80m CW where 8R1PY was spotted but I wasn’t hearing anything.

I went back and listened on 7.140 to 8R1PY. He was listening up 10 on 7.150. I switched to listen on 7.150 and the other operators who’s number didn’t match what 8R1PY was requesting kept putting out there call. Why, I have no idea. After each contact the 8R1PY op said what number call area, yet the other ops didn’t listen.Don’t they realize that they are just prolonging the amount of time it will take the 8R1PY op to get the call for a station they keep QRMing? The 8R1PY op could handle 2x or 3x the number of contacts of the ops just listened.

When he came back around to 2’s, I put my call out, and listened after each time to see if he was coming back to me or another op. If I didn’t hear anything, I did it again. He picked up a couple of PY2’s and some XE2’s and then he came back with K2? I put out my call twice and he said K2D? I then put my call out a few more times and he came back with K2DSL! I gave him a good 59 and thanked him. QRZ doesn’t have a maidenhead grid square locator listed so using http://www.levinecentral.com/ham/grid_square.php?Address=Lethem,Guyana I get a grid square of GJ03ci which should be pretty close.

I have 2 other Guyana contacts logged but neither are confirmed yet. I’ll decide if I want to send this one out direct to PY2WAS who is listed as their QSL manager or if I’ll send the QSL card out via the bureau. I am confident though that I’ll get a QSL back on this contact to confirm Guyana as a new DXCC.


3 thoughts on “8R1PY Guyana DXpedition Contact

  1. Good for you…

    One of the beauties of DXpeditions is that they are easy to QSL. You’ll get 8R easily confirmed.

  2. As usual the DX pedition spurns the American General license class. Then they have the balls to ask for funding while ignoring the most generous and numerous hams on the planet.GFY

  3. QSL card arrived – 8R1PY Guyana QSL Confirmed

    Steve – I don’t know if the DXpedition only operated where US Extra class ops can transmit. Checking the spots on DXSummit’s spot search I see 20m spots that indicated CW contacts in the General portion of the band were made as well as the digital portion for PSK/RTTY. I don’t know what the frequency allocations are in Guyana.

    There were 2 reasons I went for my Extra and it was for making DX contacts and for contesting. If you get your Extra, besides the self accomplishment you could work more DX.

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