Contact with Antarctica South Pole

After getting home from work tonight I was sitting down at the computer and noticed a spot for KC4AAA in Antarctica at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. I had seen Antarctica spotted before but never had a good copy on them. Tonight the station was coming in a good S5-S7 and fully copyable.  I listened for a bit and he was on 14.177 listening up on 14.240. I tried calling for about 30 mins and he worked 2 or 3 stations a minute but I wasn’t able to get through. He went off the air for a bit and I turned the radio off and did a few other things.

Just before 0200z I turned the radio back on to get on a local 10m net and he was still there. I tried again and on the second call he came back to me. I completed the call and gave him a 5-7 report. He indicated I wasn’t moving his s meter but he was able to copy me fine. He asked where I was located in NJ as he’s also in NJ and told him where I was.

Thanks so much Andy, WA2DKJ, for the contact!


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  1. Congratulations on the KC4 contact. I worked Andy at some point last evening myself. I’ve actually got a friend working at McMurdo, and he said he’d deliver regards in person when he gets back there.

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