Linux and Ham Radio

My professional career is computers and information technology (IT) but at the desktop, I’ve always been a Windows user. I’ve use linux on servers for years and have installed it on computers at home to play around, but always go back to Windows because I use the applications and not the operating system.

A major linux magazine stars amateur radio on the cover of it’s January 2010 issue.

The contents of the issue include articles on:

Linux Journal’s Ham Shack:
Come chat with us about everything Linux and amateur radio related in our Ham forum (or see forum topics below).
Listen to our podcast to hear editors Shawn Powers and Kyle Rankin discuss our Amateur Radio special issue.
Little known fact: Did you know a feature article in Linux Journal issue number one was Linux and Hams?

Linux Amateur Radio Resources:
A guide for users of Fedora amateur radio software –
Hamsoft – Linux Software for the Hamradio community –
FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO (covers the installation and use of the most popular
amateur packet-radio BBS server software “FBB”) –
Ham radio programs for Linux –
A complete LiveCD for HamRadio operators by F0FAK –

Software Packages:
Ubuntu Software Packages in “karmic”, Subsection hamradio –
Debian Software Packages in “lenny”, Subsection hamradio –

Maybe it’s time to install Ubuntu again and check out the above stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Linux and Ham Radio

  1. It is good to hear that there is now HAM software to use in conjunction with ham radio. It seems like HAM has been fading out of popularity as we’ve developed newer technologies, but I think HAM will be around in the background for years still to come. The older generation of baby boomers like myself recognize the importance of the ham because it was used more in times of war before the internet came along. Great to see it used now.

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