Don’t VHF Ops use LoTW?

It’s been 4 days since the ARRL Jan VHF Contest

ended and I’ve only received 2 QSLs on LoTW out of the 43 contacts. Now 43 isn’t a lot of contacts, but only 2 LoTW QSLs? That’s less then 5%. I’m only noticing this because I really had no logged VHF contacts before this so I was hoping to see some show up. The 2 contacts that are confirmed in LoTW are both 6m contacts with ops in CT and NY. Oh well, maybe 1 or 2 more will trickle in.

I also received a QSL card in the mail from WB2CUT who is in central NJ. When I work the VHF contests with my local club and we are using K2BAR as the call, WB2CUT is always one of the loudest signals we here. Thanks for the card and I’ve already mailed out my reply QSL.


5 thoughts on “Don’t VHF Ops use LoTW?

  1. I use it but I don’t updated it as often as I should. My logging program does eqsl automatically, but I have to manually do LoTW

  2. I also participated in the VHF contest. I received one QSL by mail and sent out two others to confirm
    new grid squares. I usually try and check my LOTW and E-qsl once a week .
    I agree I wish more people would use LOTW regularly, but being of the old school I still prefer to have a card in hand.

  3. Well after another day, I have no additional QSLs for the VHF contest. RTTY ops are the best for QSLing via LoTW and then just contesters in general. I am surprised though at the very small number for the VHF contesters.

    Tom – I didn’t hear you on Sunday afternoon or I would have worked you!!

  4. i agree just signed up for lotw this week. uploaded 4500 qso’s alot of vhf only 950 qsl’s
    wish more vhfers would use lotw . especially for grid work
    scott w4so

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