2010 ARRL DX SSB Summary

This weekend I had a bunch of prior commitments so operating in the contest was limited. Fri night I went out to dinner with my younger daughter while me wife and older daughter were at a friends Sweet 16. After a late dinner I got on 40m and 80m and made 36 contacts before calling it quits.

Saturday morning I operated for a couple hours before being gone from noon to 9:30pm local time – prime 15m & 20m time.  I started out Saturday morning making 2 contacts to Hawaii on 80m which I hadn’t done before. I also had 2 on 40m shortly after. I left on Saturday with 118 contacts. When I got back that evening I again made some more on 40m and 80m before calling it a night.

Sunday morning I got on again for a couple hours before heading out to my radio clubs annual auction. When I returned home I got back on 15m and 20m before moving to 40m and 80m as the sun set.

Bands were active but not like the. ARRL DX CW contest. Only one 10m contact for me which was D4C in Cape Verde but maybe I missed more openings when I was away from the radio. 20m was a zoo where almost any frequency I tuned to I could hear 3 stations. I attribute that to a combination of a wire antenna receiving from all directions, the SSB filters on the TS-2000 and crowded bands. 15m was more spread out so it was usually just a single signal I would hear on any frequency.

Comparing my contacts with last year I made about the same number this year with less operating time and more multipliers to give me a bit higher score. Others from my local club operated as I either heard them on the air, spoke with them at the auction, or they emailed me. Seems to be the most club members I can recall operating a contest which is good.

March is a busy month on the weekends with family commitments and also a big system release at work the end of the month so as I predicted in describing my total contacts for last month an just breaking the 2000 mark, this month will likely be much less.

Band    QSOs   Pts  Cty
3.5      28     84   23
  7      35    105   31
 14      91    273   55
 21      61    183   30
 28       1      3    1
Total     216  648  140
Score : 90,720

73 & good DX!

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