ARRL code practice & bulletins via Echolink

I think it is a terrific idea that the ARRL is now sending out their code practice and bulletins via Echolink

. The Echolink node is W1AWBDCT and ARRL broadcast schedule is online at

A bit more info in the ARRL posting at


2 thoughts on “ARRL code practice & bulletins via Echolink

  1. It is nice that the ARRL has gotten on board with
    The only drawback I can see is that you must be a registered user of Echolink to take advantage of this.
    I am a registered user, but how many people will go through the log-on.


  2. Actually, registering for EchoLink isn’t necessary to use EchoLink. You can always access the EchoLink system (including the W1AWBDCT conference) if you are in range of a simplex node or repeater that is running an EchoLink node.

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