Andorra DXCC Confirmed – C37URE QSL via LoTW

I noticed that today, via LoTW, my only 2 contacts with Andorra were confirmed. Both contacts were made with C37URE during the CQ WW RTTY contest in Sept 2009. The ham radio RTTY contacts were made on 20m and 40m. I sent off for a QSL card but it’s nice to have this one confirmed via any QSL method.

This new one puts me at 155 DXCCs confirmed.


4 thoughts on “Andorra DXCC Confirmed – C37URE QSL via LoTW

  1. Yes I agree, I prefer to have a card in hand to hold on to and add to the collection.

    Question is 155 on RTTY or DXCC by any mode ?

  2. 155 confirmed is my overall Mixed count. My 20m count is a bit lower. Those are the 2 DXCC awards I officially applied for and received.

    According to just LoTW, without counting any entities only confirmed via paper QSL cards, for RTTY I’m at 103 DXCCs so I’d qualify for RTTY DXCC if/when I apply.

    Looking just at LoTW, for 5 band DXCC I stand at the following confirmed entities so there’s a lot of work to be done there:
    80m: 47
    40m: 78
    20m: 135
    15m: 67
    10m: 11

  3. I just received today, May 12, 2010, from the ARRL a DXCC certificate for RTTY to my surprise. I have not sent any RTTY cards to the ARRL. What happened is I worked 100 countries on 20 meter PSK-31 and all cards were credited to RTTY. I think this is wrong.

    I do not want a RTTY DXCC but a PSK-31 DXCC. I am 6 away from having 100 RTTY countries confirmed on 20 meters.

    I would like to hear from others on this matter…..73. Tim N9FTC and N9FTC/4


    P.S. I use the /4 only to help others point their antennas.

  4. Tim – I’ll follow up direct with you as well. I looked on the ARRL site and on the DXCC FAQ it shows the following:

    Q: There are other modes not recognized by DXCC. How do they apply?
    A: Modes such as PSK-31, G-Tor, Pactor, JT44 etc are digital and count for DXCC as RTTY. SSTV and other voice modes count as Phone for DXCC.

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