QSL cards from bureau – New DXCCs confirmed

In the mail today from the NJDXA which handles the incoming 2 call area was a large Priority Mail envelope stuffed with 67 QSL cards. It might not be as exciting as finding out you won the lottery but it sure beats having bills in the mail!

On initial inspection I noticed 1 returned card with an Iceland operator via a LX manager indicating he wasn’t a member of the LX bureau. I looked online and the QSL info which is now over a year later then when I sent it indicates to send direct only.  I also had two cards that are for other 2 call area operators that I’ll hand back to one of the guys in my club that handles cards and he’ll get them directed to the proper ham radio operator.

Looks like the QSL cards received today provided me with my first QSL confirmations for Chile, Angola & Namibia. Chile is surprising but I guess none of the hams from Chile are using LoTW and it has taken this long to receive a QSL card via the bureau. I’ve only had 1 contact with a amateur station in Angola via D2NX and it is now confirmed. There were a bunch of really nice looking QSL cards in the batch that were great to look at. If the report is correct I’m up to 159 confirmed DXCCs. This leaves just 6 DXCCs i have worked that I don’t yet have any QSL for.

73 & good DX!

One thought on “QSL cards from bureau – New DXCCs confirmed

  1. Isn’t it great when a package like that arrives? I finally did get a LOTW confirmation from Chile about two weeks ago, so there’s at least one ham in Chile using it. The first time I emailed the QSL manager for my area, I’d been active again for about a year. He told me that he’d had to throw out 100-plus cards of mine because he’d never heard back from me. He claimed he’d sent a postcard to me, but I never remember getting it. It’s possible he did and I missed it, I tend to go through the mail rather hastily to determine what’s junk and what’s not. I got a really sick feeling in my stomach when I read he’d tossed them, but I realize he has a job to do. Your DXCC total is climbing steadily!

    73 Ed

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