2010 Alabama QSO Party

On Saturday, while I was in and out running errands and performing chauffeur duty I was on the radio trying to make another contact with E4X ham radio DXpedition in Palestine on Phone or RTTY. Well throughout the day I tried and tried but I didn’t log another contact with them, but at least I am in their log once.

In between trying to log E4X, I started to make some contacts in the Alabama QSO Party and in the end I finished up with 72 contacts with 43 different operators.  There were some pretty active rover/mobile stations participating and if I was around more I probably could have logged more counties.   In the end I finished up with 35 different AL counties in the log out of 67 counties in the state.

Here’s my N1MM score summary:

  Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
   3.5  CW       5     10    0
   3.5  LSB      1      1    0
     7  CW       9     18    4
     7  LSB     12     12    4
    14  CW      33     66   26
    14  USB     12     12   11
 Total  Both    72    119   45

 Score : 5,355