Finding a job using ham radio

Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML, is a long time ham and broadcast engineer that also happens to be one of the executive members of my local amateur radio club in NJ.  I noticed today that Steve is featured in The Rain Report podcast this week. You can get to the main site at and the specific audio interview podcast at . Steve talks about using ham radio as a means to finding a job.

Also in the same 15 min audio clip is an interview by Bob Heil discussing how he too refers folks to ham radio when they ask him how he got into his field and line of business.


One thought on “Finding a job using ham radio

  1. I am a ham i live in Jupiter FL my call is N2VGC and would love a Job working in a Ham radio store or in some capasity at all involved with Ham Radio since i love the hobie and why can a person work at something he loves since that would make him a happy worker god bless

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