No ARRL SS CW Activity
November 7th, 2010 by K2DSL

I was looking forward to a weekend of CW ham radio contesting and trying for a sweep. I’ve not felt well for over a week but a visit to the Dr earlier in the week turned up nothing. ┬áNot feeling better on Saturday I went back and after some chest x-rays it shows I have some pneumonia, Antibiotics and rest and hopefully I’ll be ready for the WAE RTTY contest and the ARRL SSB SS the following weekend.


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Posted By: Tim on November 7th, 2010at 7:52 pm

Dave, too bad your under the weather- pneumonia can be tricky to diagnose.Plenty of rest is the ticket! Maybe a cot in the shack would work–LOL
just kidding.
73– Tim

Posted By: David, K2DBK on November 7th, 2010at 10:11 pm

Bummer, sorry to hear that. I’ve had pneumonia a few times and it’s not fun, but the antibiotics usually do the trick. I was wondering where you were, I figured I’d run into you during SS, and it took a very long time for me to work someone in NNJ, I was getting desperate! (And no, I didn’t get a sweep anyway.) Hope you feel better soon.

Posted By: Harry, W2FT on November 9th, 2010at 2:58 pm

Hi Dave, sorry to hear about your bout with pneumonia. We all missed you at the last meeting on Sun. Jim K2ZO gave a great program on wire antennas. Be well and rest up.
73s Harry W2FT

Posted By: mike on November 14th, 2010at 10:18 am

Good morning Dave, sorry to hear about the pneumonia I too have had it, rest is the name of the game and the med’s as well.

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