My 1st Plaque from the 2010 RTTY Roundup
December 19th, 2010 by K2DSL

I read in the July 2010 QST that I had come in first in the ARRL RTTY Roundup for SOLP in the Hudson division and that the Troy Amateur Radio Assoc N2TY sponsored a plaque for that division. That means I won my first plaque for any ham radio contest I participated in. I had received paper certificates for various finishes in other contests, but never before had I won a plaque. Below is a picture of the plaque which arrived yesterday and it is actually better looking then the picture shows but the best I could snap with a flash. Thanks to TARA for sponsoring the award. I also received a paperc certificate 1st place SOLP in Northern NJ. I happened to have come in 1st in NNJ regardless of power.  Images are clickable for a larger view.

Plaque for Single Op Low Power Hudson Division:

Certificate for Single Op Low Power Northern NJ:


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Posted By: Luis - KC2ZFL on December 19th, 2010at 3:55 pm

Hey David,

Congratulations on your first plaque! This is awesome. Can’t wait to get my shack set up very soon so that you can teach me some of these skills.


Luis – KC2ZFL

Posted By: Tim on December 19th, 2010at 5:02 pm

David, Big Congratulations ! Papers nice but plaques are better!!
73– Tim

Posted By: Curling Smoke III | Smoke Curls on December 26th, 2010at 11:22 am

[...] to K2DSL for his first place (SOLP) finish in the 2010 ARRL RTTY Roundup and he now has the plaque in hand. David got his ticket in 2007 but his radio work and accomplishments in such a short time [...]

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