Morse code in a Wii video game

I don’t have this specific video game but I do have a Wii system so I’ll have to see if I can borrow this game from someone and hear it for myself. It seems that the video game Wii Sports Resort contains 3 morse code exchanges which are part of the background sounds that occur while playing and passing by the lighthouse. The 3 exchanges are:

Why does anyone use Morse code anymore?
Good question.

Morse code takes forever.
It sure does.

Does anyone out there know Morse code?
Sorry. Use your radio.

No one yet seems to know who on the game development team might have put this in. I’m sure someone will eventually fess up or find out. ¬†Maybe the developer will come out with some video game that innocently teaches young kids morse code in order to progress through the levels.

Here’s a picture I found which seems to match the description of where in the game you might hear the morse code.


UPDATE: A co-worker saw this posting and he had this game at home so he brought it in for me along with the additional controller extension. I put it in Saturday morning before the RTTY Roundup and played just the flying game for a bit. It was fun, and as I approached the tower you could hear the morse code. Now who programmed it?

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  1. Yep, I checked and there’s CW in there. It’s a bit fast for me to copy, but the bits I picked out were consistent with what you have listed.

    In the Aerial Games area pick the Island Air Tour. The first time you pass the lighthouse in each game (it’s real close to the starting line) you’ll hear the exchange. You’ll have to start a new game to hear CW again.

    The Resort game is a demo for the enhanced accelerometer device, so you can’t play it in a standard Wii.

  2. My kids are playing the game, and there’s another CW exchange after you fly through the “target” on “The Candle.” Sounds like a different one than what you have listed (there’s no reply and it ends in “cq” or “co” I think.

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