3 Ham Presents in Today’s Mail

Came home from work today to a trifecta of ham radio presents!

1) Snuck in my first Clean Sweep in the 2010 ARRL SSB Sweepstakes in November and ordered a coffee mug to commemorate the occasion. The nice ceramic mug arrived today from the ARRL.

2) In a padded envelope was the 2010 CQ WPX CW plaque for me coming in 1st place in North America for all Rookies. The plaque is sponsored by Chris K6DBG so a great big THANKS to Chris for the plaque. Too bad I can’t classify myself as a rookie any more – it was great while it lasted.

3) I had placed another order with CallsignWear

for a couple more t-shirts and a windshirt with my callsign and name embroidered on them. They do a great job at a reasonable price and I wanted to have a couple more items to bring with me to Dayton. I also requested a catalog (and boy is it thick) in hopes I can get our club to make a decision moving forward with some new club logo items.

Not a bad day to come home and see what came in the mail!


2 thoughts on “3 Ham Presents in Today’s Mail

  1. Hi David:
    So you are going to make it to Dayton. Same here. Let’s meet there. I’ll be wearing a brown T-shirt with I love smores in CW. Well, I do have that T-shirt but I’m not going to wear that one every day…

    I’ll have my VX-8 so I might be located by APRS K9CHP-7 for pedestrian, and K9CHP-9 for the mobile (D-700AG). I’m not sure it will work indoors and whether I will pay attention to the radio. But let’s make better arrangements by email.

    Amir K9CHP

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