Dayton Hamvention – Prep

I’m about to embark on my first trip to Dayton, OH for Hamvention 2011. I guess my excitement is similar to telling a 6 year old they are going to Disney World.

What I’m most looking forward to over the next few days are the following:

Contest University – A full day of seminars and interacting with the ops I have made many contest contacts with, weekend after weekend. The seminars look to be informative and I hope to walk away with insight from those that astound me with their abilities.

Doug Wheelock – AMSAT will have astronaut Wheelock at their booth. KF5BOC was the astronaut aboard the ISS (NA1SS) when I made my first contact.

Contest Dinner – Sat night will be the big banquet and I again look forward to interacting with those I have met over the air.

Nightly gatherings for pizza/friendship in the suites at the Crowne Plaza and some NJDXA gatherings. Though I’m not a NJDXA member, they are the incoming QSL bureau for the 2 call area and many members of my club are NJDXA members.

The enormity of the flea market and the indoor vendors will probably blow me away. Since I’ll be in Contest University on Thurs, I’ll have Fri & Sat to walk around and see the vendors. I know those 2 days will wear me out.

I’ve got a 630 mile ride out on Weds and back home on Sun. I should be transmitting via APRS as K2DSL-7 during the long trips and listening on 146.52 as well.

I’ll post some updates during my time there. K2DBK (Dave) has a good summary in case you don’t want to wait.

Wish me luck!

One thought on “Dayton Hamvention – Prep

  1. Hi David:
    I got a slightly shorter ride, +/-540 miles but not by much, as while I’m west of you, I’m also farther up north… I’ll be transmitting APRS as K9CHP-9 but I don’t expect to see you on my radar till maybe the very last part of the trip, from Columbus and on, if the timing happens just right.

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