C21YY – Nauru – Worked for a New One

Last night I was getting everything set up for Saturday’s NAQP RTTY contest and saw C21YY spotted in Nauru. Nauru is an 8 square mile island in the South Pacific with a population around 9300 . It is the worlds smallest island nation

and 2nd least populated country after Vatican City. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of it before. Lucky for me Pekka OH2YY¬†from Finland has heard of it and is there operating as C21YY. He was on 17m phone running simplex when I made contact with him about 11:30pm ET (0330z) using my G5RV wire antenna and 100w from my Kenwood TS-2000. Logged in the books for a new one!

This morning I got on and saw C21YY spotted on 20m phone so I figured I’d try him again. He was working split in the Extra portion of the band which helped me with less of a pileup to contend with. After about 10 mins I was able to get an exchange through to him on 20m phone and log him on that band.

The snippet of info

on the DXpedition shows HF SSB only from July 11th through the 20th and to QSL direct via his home call of OH2YY so he’ll be receiving a QSL card from me shortly. I’ll hold off until he’s wrapped up in case I get lucky and work him on another band.

Time to do some things before the NAQP gets going.


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