TY1KS – Benin DXpedition

Right after getting home from vacation, my parents were up visiting for the week. I spent no time on the radio other than a couple of short attempts at trying to log ST0R before they finished up but wasn’t able to get in their log.

Late Saturday evening I noticed TY1KS in Benin Africa posted on 20m SSB so I turned on the radio and the station was coming in pretty well, so I set up to be about 7 up as he was working 5-10 up and after maybe 3 or 4 mins I was able to work him for a new DXCC. Today I checked their online log and I show up just as I would have expected. Once the DXpedition is over which I think is any day now, I’ll use their OQRS to request a QSL card.

I’m not sure of the exact maidenhead locator grid square but for Grand Popo Benin it looks to likely be JJ06ug JJ06vg.


One thought on “TY1KS – Benin DXpedition

  1. Thanks for thsi post. We are happy to provide you a good QSO. The exact locator is JJ06VG and if you want to be more precise JJ06vg44
    Lat 6° 16′ 9” N
    Long 1° 47′ 14” E

    Best regards and many thank from the team

    73 de TY1KS

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