QSO Parties Galore
February 5th, 2012 by K2DSL

There were a few QSO parties this weekend and I made some contacts in them, all on SSB phone. Looks like combined I eeked out 45 contacts in all.

In the Delaware QSO Party I made 5 contacts – 2 on 40m and 3 on 80m.

In the Minnesota QSO Party I made the most contacts of any of the contests with 27 total Qs with 23 of them on 20m.

In the British Columbia QSO Party I thought I’d hear more activity and only ended up with 1o contacts, most also on 20m.

In the Vermont QSO Party I made just 3 contacts, 2 with 1 station.

Now time to watch some football – Go Giants!


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Posted By: Mike on February 5th, 2012at 5:25 pm

Sound like a perfect weekend radio sport and then slid into Football sport.

Posted By: Arnold on March 3rd, 2012at 7:34 pm

I love your posts K2DSL. Keep up the good work. Just want you to know that I watch from time to time even if I don’t understand 90% of it.

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