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W2ML Steve Mendelsohn SK

Steve Mendelsohn W2ML passed away yesterday morning after battling pancreatic cancer. I mentioned just last week that Steve was inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame. I’m glad he got the news before he passed.

Steve was one of the first hams I met after I obtained my Tech license in August 2007. I attended a Bergen Amateur Radio Association (BARA) club meeting a couple weeks later and upon walking in, Steve’s wife Heidi W2MLW was the first person to come up to me. At a break during the meeting, Steve came up and introduced himself and I consider him a friend since that moment. Steve has a long career in ham radio and public service and was tremendously enthusiastic about ham radio and specifically our club. I will miss see Steve at all club events, his sense of humor and enthusiasm.

Here are a few articles that detail his lifetime involvement in the hobby, his 30 years of service in the Navy, his 36 years of being the NYC Marathon Communications Director, and his years of being the NFL Gameday Frequency Coordinator for the NY Jets.

ARRL – Former ARRL First Vice President Steve Mendelsohn, W2ML (SK)

NY Times – After 36 Marathons, One Radio Goes Silent

W2ML - Steve Mendelsohn


W2ML – CQ Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to Steve Mendelsohn W2ML on being inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame. Steve is the current Bergen Amateur Radio Association club President. Steve has been the Communications Director for the NYC Marathon since 1976 and recruits hundreds of hams each year to line the marathon route and provide communications. He’s also been the former ARRL First Vice President, Director.

Steve’s enthusiasm for the hobby as a whole and his love of contesting make him a pleasure to be around, speak with and learn from.

Thank you Steve for everything you’ve done for the hobby, for our club and for me personally.


Where have I been?

It has been an unusually long time since my last post. Sometimes other events take priority and that has been the case over the past couple months as my older daughter is finishing up her last year of high school and getting set for college. I’ve had a few trips, some other commitments, and the weekends fly on by.

I have done a small amount of operating, most recently last weekend in the New England QSO Party with about 90 mins of SSB activity on 40m working.

I’ve also assumed the Treasurer responsibilities for my local radio club as the previous Treasurer is moving away from the area. I needed to take turnover of documents, banking accounts, etc. I also gave a refresher demo on N1MM logging program to the club at our last meeting as we are switching from CT to N1MM.

I did volunteer again to assist with CQ SSB paper log entry for those submitting their log on paper. I enjoy doing it so it certainly is no bother to help out.

I have listened a couple of times for the Yemen DXpedition but so far no luck. Maybe I should take a day off from work and I might have a better shot at getting them in the log.