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Field Day 2012

My older daughter graduated high school this Friday and the weekend was already booked with non-stop activities, so it didn’t leave much of any time at all for operating Field Day.

Since I was licensed, I operated Field Day with my club using K2BAR as our club call. This weekend didn’t allow me any time to help them with setting up, making it over to our site to operate, or to assist with tear down at the end of the event. I haven’t spoken with anyone to see how things went or how conditions were but I should get some info this week.

On Saturday afternoon I operated for a very short time (60-90 mins in total) from home and make 46 contacts. My main purpose was to find my club and work them, which I did but just on 1 band. That is better than nothing but I would have liked to get them on more bands. I worked a few different state/sections on a few different bands. When I was on 15 and 10m they were pretty dead though I worked IL, KS & Puerto Rico on 10m. I will be interested to see the breakdown of contacts by band for the club.

My younger daughter graduates high school next year, though I’m not sure yet if it will fall on Field Day weekend or not.  As the guys in the club told me, they only graduate high school once and there will be plenty of other field days.