2012 NJ QSO Party & IOTA Contests

I’m a little late getting to this post but it’s been a busy week.  Last weekend were a couple of smaller contests that I got some time in.

The NJ QSO Party is a state QSO party that never seems to attract much attention.  I was often away on the weekend it was running, but this time I’d be home, at least for some of it. I was away until late on Saturday and after I got home I went on 40m to see what was happening. I spun the dial and worked a few stations that were on and called CQ a bit but not much activity. The next day I did the same on 40m and it felt like there was even less. I recorded a CQ NJQP message and configured N1MM to send it through my SignaLink as a voice keyer, which worked great. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much activity, and I got tired of listening to myself call CQ.

I ended up with a whopping 28 Qs. I only worked 6 different NJ counties and didn’t even work my own county. At least I can say I participated.

 Band QSOs Pts Sec
    7   28  28  17
Total   28  28  17
Score : 476

A bit more action was going on in the RSGB IOTA contest. I ended up with much less time in this and more QSOs. Some were US but a bunch were DX including an “easy” contact with Turkey. I stayed on 20m and didn’t even check 15m at all. Below is the N1MM summary.

 Band QSOs Pts IOTA
   14 38   349  17
Total 38   349  17
Score : 5,933

Not sure how much time I’ll get on the radio for the next couple weeks. I’ll miss the NAQP SSB contest on the 18th & the SARTG RTTY contest  also that weekend. Before we know it, it’s September!

73 and good DX!