Hurricane Sandy – Bye Bye Antennas (Pictures)
October 31st, 2012 by K2DSL

I need to post about last weekend’s CQ WW SSB contest and I’ll get it eventually. Hurricane Sandy passed through NJ this past weekend and boy did it do some damage. Things were sort of ok until a huge 70 ft tree from our neighbors yard came crashing down. Luckily it didn’t have a direct hit on the house or detached garage and mostly fell in between both, It took out the gutter on the side of the garage and gutters on both my 2nd floor and first floor of the house.

The tree also took out my G5RV and my 10/15/20m fan dipole. It bent the pole my dual band VHF/UHF antenna is on but otherwise I think that is probably ok. So without antennas I might not be on for a while. Hopefully I can get some new ones made and shoot some rope up to get them in the air and me back on the bands.

No power since since Monday around 6pm and I wouldn’t expect it back until late in the weekend or early next week. At the end of our street we had a huge tree come down and take 5 poles with it. 4 of the poles snapped in half and there’s still piles of transformers laying in the street. I have a generator for keeping the fridge powered and our phones charged but no heat and no hot water in the house.

Here are some pics (click to enlarge)…


Some pics of the downed power lines (click to enlarge):


When I see pictures of the devastation in NYC and the Jersey Shore I know my family and I got away pretty lucky!

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Posted By: Tim on October 31st, 2012at 9:41 pm

Dave, glad your OK. neighbors tree was too close. Luck getting antennas back up and building damaged fixed..
Tim. n0UJJ

Posted By: John AE5X on November 1st, 2012at 12:06 pm

Sorry to hear about your antennas David, but at least you, your family & your house are okay. From the looks of where that tree fell, things could have been much worse.

Posted By: Scot, KA3DRR on November 4th, 2012at 5:52 pm

Glad to hear you and your family are safe. Let us know if you need anything.
73, Scot

Posted By: Bill N7VEA on January 18th, 2013at 8:16 pm

Dave, did I see your call on the RAC results list, and does that mean you’ve got wire in the air again? Hope so… RTTY contest season is coming up!

73 and HNY from ID
Bill N7VEA

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