MMTTY and N1MM working

When getting ready for my first RTTY contest I couldn’t seem to get MMTTY and N1MM working with my SignaLink so I just used HRD and DM780 which was fine. But I wanted to get N1MM working with MMTTY before the next contest. I downloaded the latest version of MMTTY which was just updated to 1.66 and isn’t on the official site. Saw a reference to it in the MMTTY Yahoo Group. I then followed the steps at AA5AU’s RTTY site and it worked. Not sure if it is the updated MMTTY, a step I missed that AA5AU’s site noted or I was just rushing to get it done. Anyway, MMTTY is working fine. In a quick look, DM780 is a much better program and other then for a contest I probably wouldn’t have a need for MMTTY.

But MMTTY integrates with N1MM which I also just updated. I followed the steps in the MMTTY help documentation that they have for N1MM and it’s all hooked up. Just need to fire up N1MM and select the Digital Window and it does what it needs to do. Hopefully when the next RTTY contest comes up shortly everything will still be properly configured.

73, David