SCC RTTY Contest

Saturday from 8am ET to Sunday 8am ET was the SCC RTTY Contest. I participated most of Saturday, went to bed for 6 hours, and woke up Sunday morning and was on the air for another 1.5 hours. In total I made 201 contacts across 20, 40 and 80m bands with 98 multipliers and a score of 47,628 if all contacts are good. If I compare my score with those submitted for the same contest last year, I’d be right about #50 in the single op low power all bands category.

The breakdown by band was:
80m – 4 QSOs
40m – 70 QSOs
20m – 127 QSOs

By location the breakdown was:
United States: 90
Canada: 10
Others: 101

Some interesting countries for me were Armenia, ZC4LI in Cyprus, Grenada and 4 stations in Latvia.

All 80m contacts were in the US and 3/4 of the 40m contacts were US. 1/4 of the 40m contacts were DX stations with the most distant being in Russia just over 5,000 miles based on grid locations.

Interesting to start to see familiar calls in RTTY and non-RTTY contests. For some I immediately recognize the call and location.

I tried using N1MM and MMTTY but after 30 mins of struggling with MMTTY within N1MM, I fell back to DM780 and double entered the contacts into N1MM. I need to get comfortable with MMTTY so I can just use that combination during contests. Practice, practice, practice. The end of Sept is the big RTTY contest and I will hopefully be more comfortable.

73, K2DSL