2011 June VHF Contest

As has happened in the past, our club needed to cancel the weekend outing to setup a VHF site on the top of a mountain park because of threatening weather. It is disappointing because when we do all gather to put up a couple of towers and operate for the weekend, we have an excellent time. But because of threatening weather, I understand the concern and decision to cancel the event.

I was invited over a club members house who has a large setup of equipment to operate 6m, 2m, 70cm & 23cm. I popped over there on Saturday around 2pm and stayed until about 7pm. We operated with our club call K2BAR and while there a couple additional ops from the club came and operated. Activity wasn’t fabulous but while I was there we did have a 6m opening to northwest Florida and out into western Kansas hitting a few grids there.

Next big event is Field Day the end of the month and I hope weather conditions are moderate (not too hot) and nothing sever (thunderstorms) blow in. Come on mother nature help us out a bit.