2012 Makrothen RTTY & TT8TT

I had only a short time this weekend with family in town and a bunch of events to attend to get on the air. On Fri I made some late contacts in the Makrothen RTTY contest. The exchange is grid square and the points are based on the distance between my station in FN21 and the station I’m making contact with adding a multiplier of 1.5 on 40m and a multiplier of 2 on 80m. You can really rack up a score in this one which has 3 different sessions that make up the entire contest.

Bands were kind of stinky but it was good to get on the air. I also configured N1MM to add a 2nd RTTY decoder window using 2Tone by G3YYD which did seem to decode the incoming signal better then MMTTY. I think I’ll run these 2 different decoders for a while and see how things work out. I do need some more monitor real estate though and a 2nd display seems to be inevitable.

On Saturday I only had a short to make any contacts in the 2nd session and then I was busy the rest of the time. On Sunday I had no time to get on the air during the 3rd session. So it was a minimal effort but fun nonetheless.

Here’s N1MM’s score summary and logs were submitted and uploaded to LoTW & eQSL.

 Band    QSOs     Pts
  3.5      24   46204
    7      36   95856
   14      50  198238
   21       7   30658
   28       5   21082
Total     122  392038

Score : 392,038

After the NY Giants handled the San Francisco 49ers, I checked the cluster and saw the TT8TT DXpedition to Chad on 20m SSB. I hadn’t spent any time looking for them but figured I’d give it a shot. Took about 15 mins before I worked them for a new DXCC. Maybe I can find them on RTTY and get them in the log on that mode before they shut down operations over the next day or so.