ARRL LoTW – Duplicate QSOs added

After LoTW had an outage this past weekend, it seems to have double processed some uploads which caused duplicate QSOs to be entered. There’s a discussion on the LoTW Yahoo Group on this but there were some issues with including screenshots so I’m posting it here.  Below is the post I sent to the Yahoo Group…

I seem to have this same issue with duplicated QSOs. I saw right after my upload was processed on Tuesday that LoTW processed the same log twice, and though my initial review showed that it detected the records as duplicates and ignored them, but that’s not the case. I’ll include screen snippets here for those that might want to check their own data and hopefully the screen snippets come out ok in emails. If not, the message might read better on the web in the Yahoo group pages.This overall issue would seem to be more appropriately resolved by the ARRL vs individuals contacting the ARRL as they should be able to query LoTW and find/remove any true duplicate which is where the uploaded data matches and the only difference is the LoTW generated id (and whatever else they might track and not expose on the front end).

On your Account Activity page at you would see a duplicate indicating your one upload was processed twice. Mine looks like the first 2 lines here:



The 2nd processing seemed to indicate that it ignored the duplicates as seen here:

But it actually ended up adding duplicates. Go to Your QSO page at and enter in a Starting Date of a record that was in the batch which LoTW double processed and click the Submit button. As you can see below, records with the same info are duplicated with the only difference being the record ID (which you can see if you click the details link on the left of each QSO).
It really makes sense for the ARRL to clean this up behind the scenes as they *should* be able to identify these erroneous duplicates the system created.