2014 WAE RTTY Contest Summary

I’m a bit behind with getting this posted but it was a long week at work.  Just before the start of the WAE RTTY contest last weekend I worked RI1ANT in Antarctica so I figured that should be a good sign.

On Friday night I ended up with 101 QSOs in the log but hadn’t yet sent/received any QTCs, a twist in this specific contest where you can send or receive 10 other QSOs with an EU station that count as points but not mults. Since the contest started well after sundown here, 10m wasn’t very active and it was already past midnight in Europe, so a lot of activity was within the US.

I started out using the current version of N1MM+ which was working fine, but keeping an eye on the N1MM+ Yahoo group I saw reports of issues specifically around receiving QTCs. On Saturday morning I got back on the air and had no issue sending a batch of QTCs but couldn’t get receiving to work, so I decided to export my QSOs and import them into the older N1MM classic. I fudged the one batch of QTCs I sent and modified the cabrillo log at the end to match what N1MM+ had for that QTC batch. The rest of the contest I used N1MM classic.

On Saturday, 10m was ok early but seemed to sputter out. I spent most of my time moving up and down each band (10/15/20m) and then switching to another band and doing the same. After taking a break I came back and accidentally launched N1MM+, realizing after I called a station I would send the wrong #. I quickly closed N1MM+ and launch N1MM Classic and apologized to the station.  There were 2 or 3 instances when I sent “QTCS?” and a station came back and said “Can’t receive but can send” so I figured they might have been running N1MM+.  I ended Sat night with 394 Qs + 480 QTCs.

On Sunday, 10m seemed open for most of the contest.  I worked RA7A and noticed he was sending 005 to the person before me, me and the person after me. Will be interested to see, if a log is sent in, what it shows.  20m was rather quiet on Sunday with more activity on 10m & 15m.  During the afternoon I started calling CQ on 10m and GU0SUP came back to me immediately. You can always count on Phil to hand out Guernsey during a contest. Activity stayed pretty high through the entire contest where I wrapped up with 684 QSOs, 850 QTCs and 521 total multipliers, I think my highest WAE RTTY score to date.

According to my SH5 analysis I worked 429 unique stations and 70 different DXCC entities.  I only primarily on just 4 bands and I ended up working 15 stations on all 4 bands.

Score summary:

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:   25     0     40
   40:  109    10     93
   20:  237   300    146
   15:  190   300    134
   10:  123   240    108
Total:  684   850    521  

Total Score = 799,214

Map of contacts made using ADIF2MAP (click to enlarge):



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  1. I think you’re wonderful. I don’t understand one word of what is in these blogs but I love to read what you write. Your mother would be proud.

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