Lots of catchin’ up! Contests, DXCC & QSOs…

I have a lot of catching up to do in reporting my activities since I last posted on November 15th!!  I won’t cover  it all in detail here but this is what’s taken place related to operating since the WAE RTTY contest back in the beginning of November…

ARRL SSB Sweepstakes – 297 QSOs – SH5 Analysis

ARRL 10m Contest – 189 QSOs – SH5 Analysis

OK RTTY Contest – 382 QSOs – SH5 Analysis

Submitted my DXCC update based on new LoTW QSLs and I end 2014 with 234 DXCC entities confirmed.

RAC Winter Contest – 216 QSOs – SH5 Analysis

Made a lot of QSOs for wrapping up the ARRL Centenial QSO Party. As of now, it looks like I finished the year with 24,244 points from 2679 QSOs made with someone that resulted in points. Other then the last 2 weeks of December, all my points and QSOs were from my contest logs being uploaded to LoTW. Those last 2 weeks I went hunting specifically for points for this event.  I end up about 15th in NJ based on points.

ARRL RTTY Roundup – 985 QSOs (989 including dupes) – SH5 Analysis

A great start to the year with the Roundup!! Those almost 1000 contest QSOs moves me past 50,000 total QSOs logged since I got on HF in 2008.

Not a detailed summary of those contests, but I needed to get something posted to the site!

Happy New Year & 73,