2015 NAQP RTTY Summary

A quick but active set of contests are the NAQP contests where single ops can operate for 10 of 12 hours contest hours. It started at 1pm ET on Saturday and I took a 30 min break so I operated to 11:30pm ET.  This contest also has a 100w maximum and single ops can’t use the cluster.

I started out on 10m and 15m. 10m had some activity at the start but not much after the contest was a couple of hours old. I was able to work a lot of stations on 15m before moving to 20m. For a while in the contest, I had more Qs logged on 15m then 20m, but later in the day activity there picked up including until after dark here on the east coast.

In a North America based contest like the NAQPs, 40m is usually the band that has the most Qs and that was the case here. I worked both S&P and called CQ on 40m with some ok runs of activity, but nothing very long. Same went for 80m later in the evening with me switching off between S&P and calling CQ.

I only worked 1 station on all 5 bands and 9 other stations on 4 bands. 249 unique callsigns were logged out of the 435 Qs.  90% of the contacts were in the continental US, 9% in Canada and the remaining few various NA stations – Guantanamo Bay, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Barbados and St Pierre & Miquelon.

Here’s the N1MM+ score summary:

 Band     QSOs  Sec   Mt2
  3.5      83    34    0
    7     119    39    1
   14     111    42    1
   21      92    29    2
   28      30     8    1
Total     435   152    5

Score : 68,295

Right after I made the last contact, the log was submitted online. It’s since been uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, Clublog, QRZ and score posted to 3830.