2015 IARU HF Contest Summary

Saturday was a 24 hour HF contest where anyone can work anyone else on either phone (SSB) or CW. I decided to just operate CW and I operated assisted using the DX spotting cluster.

Most activity was on 20m (75% of my QSOs) and very little on 10m and not much on 15m when I was on the air and checking. The only real pileup I heard was for 5H3EE, a Tanzania station, but since I’ve worked him a couple times previously I didn’t spend much time in the pileup. There was also an E51 South Cook Island station but I wasn’t able to pick him up.

I spent about 10 hours from my first contact to my last, but I wasn’t operating straight through. I didn’t work any Japan or other Asia stations and didn’t even notice many being spotted either. Near the end there was a little activity on 40m and not much on 80m but I stopped before everyone in the US might have started to spend time on 80m.

The SH5 reports from processing my log  show 326 QSOs (1 dupe) and 66 DXCCs logged.

My N1MM+ score summary:

 Band    QSOs    Pts  ITU   HQ
  3.5       5      7    2    0
    7      39     53    6    9
   14     240    842   21   36
   21      40     94   10   15
   28       1      1    0    1
Total     325    997   39   61

Score : 99,700

Here’s a map of the contacts created using ADIF2MAP:


All QSOs were uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, Clublog & QRZ as well as sent in for the contest.

Next weekend is the summer run of the NAQP RTTY contest. I hope the bands allow for more activity outside of 20m and I can work a few hundred contacts.