2015 NAQP RTTY July Summary

10m was dead and 15m wasn’t much better. Most daylight time spent on 20m where all the activity seemed to be. Once it started to hit dusk there was activity on 40m. Pretty typical for an NAQP though it would be nice if we could make more Qs on 10 & 15.

Ran 100w (contest max power) and unassisted (no cluster) so all contacts were made spinning the dial or calling me when I was CQing.

Another RTTY contest (DMC) was going on but it didn’t seem to cause much confusion as most DX stations were in the DMC contest while US & Canadian stations were in the NAQP contest.

I had woken up around 4am and didn’t fall back to sleep which caused me to start dozing off near the end of the contest. I could have spent 1 more hour operating but atĀ 11:30pm ET / 0330z I called it quits and went to bed.

SH5 Contest Summary doesn’t show a huge amount of info for a NA focusedĀ contest but shows rates, bands and a few other items.

N1MM+ score summary:

Band     QSOs    Pts  Sec   Mt2
  3.5      33     33   15    0
    7     114    114   34    1
   14     151    151   34    2
   21      29     29   10    0
Total     327    327   93    3

Score : 31,392