2015 WAE RTTY Contest

I’m catching up now that I have a few days off work for Thanksgiving break. A couple weeks ago was the very fun WAE RTTY contest which supports a concept called QTCs allowing stations to exchange previous QSO info (10 previous QSOs max) with each European DX station. You can either send or receive the 10 QSOs. I didn’t have a large amount of time to spend in the contest as we had previous commitments planned except for Sat and Sun morning into early afternoon.

Saturday morning I started out on 10m which had some activity and then worked on 15m and 20m. I seem to get sucked into 10m when it’s open. Sunday morning I checked 10m and wasn’t hearing anything so I started out on 15m.

N1MM+ shows the summary broken out in detail (below) but in summing it up a bit more:

241 QSOs + 489 QTCs with 49 DXCCs logged

 Band  Q/QTC  QSOs     Pts  Mlt
   14    QSO    78      78   76
   14   RQTC    99      99    0
   14   SQTC    60      60    0
   21    QSO   118     118   84
   21   RQTC   210     210    0
   21   SQTC    50      50    0
   28    QSO    45      45   48
   28   RQTC    50      50    0
   28   SQTC    20      20    0
Total    All   730     730  208

Score : 151,840

N1MM+ worked flawlessly for me in sending/receiving the QTCs.

Maybe next year, I’ll not have so many prior commitments during the running of this fun contest!