2017 NAQP RTTY July

Wow, it’s been a while!  I happened been on the radio much as I’ve done some other hobbies, but was active with our club on Field Day and then decided this weekend to get into the July NAQP RTTY contest.

Everything fired up and worked perfectly – power supply, radio, G5RV tuner, hexbeam and G5RV. Updated N1MM+ and got right into the contest when it started. Boy was it slow going for me. Nothing heard on 15m or 10m and 20m was slow going. So slow that after 2.5 hours, I stopped and watched a movie. Got back on the radio after the movie and 20m was a little better. Late in the afternoon 40m started to get some activity and once it was active it was much more productive. Called CQ for a bit and S&P’ed before doing the same on 80m.

Once I hit 200 Qs I decided to stop as I was getting up early to head to the biggest hamfest in the area. It was fun to be back on RTTY and see the callsigns of a lot of regulars.  Worked 34 States and 3 Canadian Provinces.

 Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec
  3.5      37      37   15
    7      97      97   30
   14      66      66   25
Total     200     200   70

            Score : 14,000


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