My name is David and my call is K2DSL. Here’s a brief intro of who I am.

With the Internet, there isn’t too much privacy so there’s not much I can say about myself you couldn’t find on your own with some poking. I live in Waldwick, NJ and I’m married with 2 teenage daughters. I’m in the IT field and have been been so my whole career.

I have always been interested in radio having a CB when I turned 13 and scanners throughout my life. In the summer of 2007 I decided to go get my ham radio license. I took the tech test in August and passed with 100%. The call sign I was issued was KC2SAU and I immediately applied for K2DSL. In Oct 2007 I took the General test and passed. There’s a big difference in privileges and very worth the studying.

After passing the General, I applied for being a VE. As a General, you can only grade Tech tests in a VE session.

In the fall of 2008 I began to study the material for the Extra test. There’s a few reasons I’m going for Extra. The first is that as a VE, I would be able to grade all classes and not just Tech. The second reason is once you’re on HF, seeing the stations on the frequencies you don’t yet have privileges for makes you nuts :-). In a local VE session in Nov 2008, I passed the Extra class exam!

That’s a quick overview and I’ll add additional posts about my equipment, my club, my experiences and whatever else comes to mind. I have other sites at http://www.levinecentral.com which you can also check out.